If you think it’s going to be easy to Learn Martial Arts at Home, (LLC) you probably haven’t visited our website.

Keeping on a strict calendar schedule is important to our class structure and that means always delivering the Karate ghias, books and audiovisual instructions to our members on time is critical.

As anyone who visits our website would know, we demand our students perform rigorous training exercises, three hours per session, twice per week. When our delivery van, working its way through rush hour on I-65 in Louisville suddenly developed a burst radiator, the chances of getting the needed materials on time to the post office to make deliveries was put into question.

We Chose the Right Company

 When you break down on the road and need help nowadays, you have several choices. More and more frequently, this entails performing a search on your smart phone to find services in your area.

We know something about that because our website is optimized for mobile and we get plenty of traffic from that. The first tow company that popped up on our screen was named Towing Services Near Me Louisville (www.towingservicenearmelouisville.com.)

The good news was that they could get a tow truck dispatched to us right away!

Fast To Arrive And Fast To The Rescue!

 Our tow truck arrived quickly and got the van hooked up in practically no time at all. He was able to take us with him in his cab.

The best part was that he knew about a radiator shop that was located in walking distance of the local post office. Recovering from adversity is something that we are trained to do but the amazing folks at Towing Services Near Me Louisville (www.towingservicenearmelouisville.com) were really making a potential disaster into something that we were going to be able to successfully get through.

In many ways, finding this winning tow truck service happened so easily because they had their website optimized for mobile much like our website is.

We Made It On Time

 Having a radiator shop practically next door to the post office made things just too easy. We loaded all the stuff on our hand truck and pushed it over in the nick of time while the guys took a look at the radiator damage.

By the time we got back from the post office after mailing all the important elements of our home course to this years Fall crop of students, the guys had the radiator out of the van and had found the spot where a rock had hit and cracked part of the housing.

As luck would have it, they were able to simply solder the crack and repair the radiator without the need of a replacement. This saved us a ton of money.

We really owe it all to the guys from Towing Services Near Me Louisville (www.towingservicenearmelouisville.com) who fetched us quickly and took us to the perfect place to complete our mission for the day!

ABOUT Learn Martial Arts At Home, LLC

 At Learn Martial Arts At Home, LLC, we teach the art of Chinese Kung-Fu in the Bando style. This style varies slightly from traditional Kung-Fu by employing the use of alternate fighting stances. Our comprehensive at-home courses are designed to provide the student with an experience very much like actually being in the dojo. Some of the first hour of training is repetitive and makes use of exercises which improve the stamina and physical strength of the student. Following those activities, there are individual skills practiced including the memorization of specific katas. There is then a period where higher belt students engage in physical matches with White Belt students in the class. After six weeks, our at home students are encouraged to make it to our Louisville dojo in person to engage in certain direct combat exercises. You can find more information about us at our website. We look forward to hearing from you!